Tailoring biomedical data for your AI/ML research. is a health and natural sciences data backbone for fast-paced companies with a heavy research component. By providing a modern process and tools for integrating the data from acquisition to modelling, it removes barriers and costs of building and maintaining custom pipelines.

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Researcher learning from visualised data.

Our purpose

Building custom data infrastructure completely from scratch is a costly and time-consuming process, with plenty of pitfalls. The specialists, especially those who understand the domain, are increasingly harder to come by and the market for the skill becomes more competitive.

Instead of relying on this approach, why not have those capabilities delivered quickly and efficiently using a dedicated solution based on state-of-the-art methodology and years of practice?

Start fast... and stay this way.

Deploy quickly and seamlessly. Use out of the box downloaders, normalisers and store builders. Keep up to date with automatic data updates and rebuilds.

Harness what's available.

Instantly gain integration tools for popular open data sources. Harmonise with your private sets. Use BiŌkeanós to discover more resources of interest.

Normalise the process.

Gracefully handle repeated ingestion and conversion, versioning, provenance and retiring.

Transform to match your team's needs.

Use the intermediate formats and data stores that best suit your experience or mode of work.

Keep it secure.

Your data never leaves your infrastructure. Use anonymisation toolkit or prepare the data for integration to privacy-preserving platforms.

Cloud, on-premises and anything in between.

Deploy locally, on the cloud or at a mixture of both. Custom integrations allow for the best use of your provider's offerings.