Custom computational drug discovery platforms. Build your own. is a software engine for building dedicated, use-case-specific, data and ML/AI - driven computational druggability and candidate identification systems for in-silico drug discovery.

A researcher learning from visualised data.

Our purpose

  • Large-scale data and algorithm-driven computational approaches can drastically improve druggability hypothesis generation.
  • Biotech companies are unique in their focus, approach and data.
  • Yet currently available platforms for identifying drug opportunities are generic, require you to deliver your data to them and cannot quickly tune to your exact needs.
  • Building a custom computational platform from scratch is costly and time-consuming, with plenty of pitfalls.
  • Data acquisition and integration, manageable at first, becomes costly and cumbersome in the long run and requires constant maintenance.
  • The specialists, especially those who understand the domain, are increasingly expensive and harder to come by.

Instead of building your modern druggability hypothesis engine from scratch or relying on noisy, one-size-fits-all platforms, why not have it delivered quickly and efficiently with a solution based on a state-of-the-art methodology and years of practice?

What we do

We provide software for biomedical data operations, including triaging and out-of-the-box implementation of state-of-the-art predictive algorithms to enable small biotech companies to augment their hypotheses with modern ML/AI-based computational methods.

We bring the tools and know-how to you so that you can maximise the use of your in-house expertise and data to create a system that suits your exact use case - and that you remain in control of.

We designed our solution to deliver results quickly and allow refinement and improvements over time. We leverage reusable data integrations and readily available implementations of graph-based recommendation algorithms to provide the initial impact and enhance the results with your feedback - adding more valuable datasources and tuning the predictions.

Optimise your pipeline candidate selection process with data insights, using a system tailored to your needs.

Start fast. And stay this way.

Use low-code, out-of-the-box downloaders, normalisers and store builders. Keep up to date with automatic data updates and rebuilds.

Harness what's available.

Instantly gain integration tools for popular open datasources . Harmonise with your private sets. Use BiŌkeanós to discover more resources of interest.

Normalise the process.

Gracefully handle repeated ingestion and conversion, versioning, provenance and retiring. Unify disjoint data formats.

Transform to match your team's needs.

Use the intermediate formats and data stores that best suit your experience or mode of work.

Keep it secure.

Your data never leaves your infrastructure. Use our anonymisation toolkit or leverage existing privacy-preserving platforms.

Cloud, on-premises and anything in between.

Deploy quickly and seamlessly - locally, on the cloud or on a mixture of both. Custom integrations allow for the best use of your provider's offerings.